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Which year East India Design Started ?

East India Design was started in year 2020.

How we see valuation in East India Design ?

Currently valuing company can be bit argumentative. Company is currently in process of raising 2-3M $ for pre series A round of equity financing for reaching milestone of 5000+ Boutique partners. We are aiming a post money valuation of around 13.3M-15M $.

After 3 quarters from pre series A round, company will engage in Series A round of equity financing for 12-15M $ for reaching 15,000+ Boutique Partners milestone at post money valuation of 120-125M $.

Again after 4 quarters from Series A company will engage in Series B round of equity financing for 50-55M $ for reaching 25,000+ boutique partners Milestone & initiate global presence at post money valuation of 714-785 M $.

In year 2025 we will be in completing Series C round of equity & debt financing of 125-150M $ for expanding globally, and for Merger. & Acquisitions. The company will enter Unicorn Club.

By year 2027 company will be ready to launch IPO in India to diversify product offerings.

What is Swaraj mobile App ?

Boutique Management App, which helps from reselling, Order management, CRM with whatsapp and messenger integrated.

What is East India Design Vision ?

Convert 25,000+ Boutique partners into Swaraj Point of Sales by 2025.

What are recruitment plans for East India Design ?

Currently we are majorly focussed for hires on Sales & Inventory Management Departments in the company. We tend to be this way till we cross our 10,000+ Boutique Partners.

Why this is right time for East India Design ?

Trends suggest that people are now accustomed to this GiG Economy, and Collaboration is the new norm.

What is Total addressable Market for East India Design ?

TAM for East India Design is 1M Boutiques in India.

What is the size of Ethinic wear Market ?

Ethnic wear market is north of 10 Billion $, and is growing at 10 CAGR.

SWOT Analysis of East India Design ?

Strength: Single clear vision of Company Founders; East India Design is the First company to aggregate the network of Boutiques and convert them into POS; Choice of heritage inventory mix complements our tagline of Apna Heritage fashion for our Brand Swaraj.

Weakness: Early Stage; Swaraj Business mobile app prototype technology is created so far; We are currently in stage of raising funds. Need more hires to increase skill sets in our team.

Opportunities: In the current gig economy, East India Design will convert 25,000+ Boutiques into Point of Sales by 2026 and strengthen the brand Swaraj.

Threats: Future pandemic lockdowns, Digital companies can go for physical market.

How East India Design promotes / advertise itself ?

Currently company promotes itself by placing glow-sign or acrylic board at boutique partner. Details mentioned in such marketing boards are: Swaraj (Logo), Apna Heritage Fashion (Tagline), Boutique partner Name, Dress Materials (Our product offerings). It is placed at the exterior of Boutique.

Second level of marketing is done by our authorised Partner certificate provided to the boutique partners. Its quality is of A4 size laminated eco vinyl printed sunboard with back sticker. It is placed in the interiors of boutique.

Third level of Marketing is informational with either catalogue or posters placed inside boutique showcasing various heritage specialty fabrics.

After series B funding round we will be advertising on TV with a brand ambassador promoting our Swaraj Business App.

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